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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the origin of the name "Foo Fighters"?
A: In WW2, the U.S. Air Force patrolling German airspace encountered highly maneuverable balls of light in the area between Hagenau in Alsace-Lorraine and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Rhine Valley. These unidentified flying objects came to be referred to as "Foo Fighters" by those who believed the objects were a secret German weapon.

Q: Will Nate leave the band now that Sunny Day Real Esate is reforming along w/ex-Foo William Goldsmith?
A: Nate has flatly told the Sunny Day camp that he does not plan to join them for a reunion.

Q: What earlier bands was Dave in?
A: HG Hancock Band (age 10), Freak Baby, Mission Impossible, Fast (formerly Mission Impossible), Dain Bramage, Scream, Nirvana (duh)

Q: What is Dave's involvement with Veruca Salt singer/guitarist Louise Post?
A: Supposedly, Dave was dating Louise for a couple of months until he was seen in early March with Winona Ryder. Dave and Louise worked together on the "Touch" motion picture soundtrack, even writing the title track together. Click here for "Touch" lyrics.

Q: Who is "Up In Arms" about?
A: Dave's photographer ex-wife.

Q: Is it true Taylor Hawkins was a touring drummer with Alainis Morisette?!?!?
A: Yes, Taylor did tour with Alanis and even appeared in her "You Learn" video.

Q: When was Dave born and where?
A: David Eric Grohl was born on January 14, 1969 in Warren, Ohio.

Q: What do Dave's parents do for a living?
A: His mom, Virginia, is a high school English teacher and his dad James is a Scripps-Howard newspaper journalist.

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