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     Foo guitarist Franz Stahl started out playing guitar in the
Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band Scream, a band he started with
his guitar-playing brother Peter, now a Foo Fighters road manager.
Also included in the band was young drummer Dave Grohl. After Grohl
left Scream in the summer of 1990 to join Nirvana, the brothers
formed Wool, a band that made an EP and an album, Box Set.
Bad sales led Wool to disband, which opened up Stahl.
     Grohl now says that had it not been for splitting up Wool, Stahl would
have been his first choice for Foo guitarist. As for his filling in for the
departed Smear, Franz says, "Pat was a very unique guitarist and a
strong focal point of the band. I'm fully aware that I have some
big shoes to fill... or some high heels, as it may be."