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CHECK IT OUT! Little do you know that this homosexual gave Whitney a box of chocolates! And she threw them! On top a Coke Machine! Really!

This is the former supergroup known as Claw (great name eh?). Ardent supporters of gay rights, they pleaded with me not to use the word "gay," because the connotations of the word could be misinterpreted as degrading homosexuals. The fag witht he dreads is Barry and the flamer with the glasses is Thteven (the other homo is of no importance). In case you were wondering, Barry is the beeotch. That is all.

This is David Marshall. He is a homo.

This is "Gay" Clay Cook. He is a homosexual as well. Let no one tell you different, even his youth minister.

Hello, thanks for your interest in my page. I have not updated in over a year, so be forewarned. Let me state that I have no problem with homosexuals, in general. Hell, one time at band camp... well, maybe that was someone else. I use "gay" as a term for someone I think is stupid. I'm not homophobic. Well, enjoy. And remember David and Clay are gay (stupid.)