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"Foo Fighters" "The Colour and the Shape" B-Sides "Pocketwatch Demos" Unreleased/Compilation
"This Is a Call" "Doll" "Baker Street" "Pokey the Little Puppy" "Big Me"(Mentos frustration) "I'll Stick Around" "Monkeywrench" "Butterflies" "Petrol CB"> "Carry On, Wayward Son"> "Big Me" "Hey, Johnny Park!" "The Colour and the Shape"> "Friend of a Friend" "Dear Lover" "Alone+Easy Target" "My Poor Brain" "Dear Lover" "Throwing Needles" "Down In the Park" "Good Grief" "Wind Up" "How I Miss You" "Just Another Story..." "Drive Me Wild" "" "" "" "" "Gas Chamber" "" "" "" "" "How Do You Do?" "" "" "" "" "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" "For All the Cows" "Enough Space" "Bruce" "Requiem" "X-static" "February Stars" "Milk" "Satan's in the Manger" "Wattershed" "Everlong" "Exhausted" "Walking After You" "New Way Home"